Permission to tour form (Rugby)

This document extends the existing insurance cover which automatically protects your players in England once they've registered with your club, to cover them overseas for their matches (or other 'home nations'). The document asks for details of the matches, the number of adults (& any children) playing. It needs to be signed by the club Chairman, President/Secretary and local constituent body. Ideally it should be submitted to the RFU at least a month prior to your tour.


For it to be valid the host club need to approve the matches too (we will contact them regarding this), but you're free to contact them also.


The current RFU regulations regarding touring for youth teams are as follows:

(last updated 29.04.2019)


UK rugby season dates: Saturday 1st September 2018 - Monday 6th September 2019


-All age groups (U5's - adults) can tour during the UK rugby season dates.

-U5's - up to and including u13's will NOT receive permission from the RFU to tour OUTSIDE of the UK rugby season.

-Under 14's and older youths WILL be given permission to tour OUTSIDE of the UK rugby season.


Full details can be found on the RFU website under 'Governance' 'RFU regulations' 'RFU regulation 15 - Age Grade Rugby), then scroll down to 15.8 for a table of age groups.


If you host a touring team here in the UK, you need to complete an 'Incoming Tour permission form'.


We at STO Travel Ltd. insist that separate rugby insurance is taken out just in case of any complications.  Also whilst the RFU's insurance covers rugby matches it doesn't cover non-rugby related activities, loss, theft, medical cover etc. You may purchase your own or take our cover which we provide cover at a very competitive rate (the rate many offer for basic travel insurance without rugby cover).  If you purchase your own we require copies to ensure it covers rugby.



This is the website that you'll need for your relevant forms: Rugby Tours Forms


The link your will require  is the 'Outgoing application form for clubs' or 'Permission for schools to tour'.


Touring with children – the safeguarding guide is also very useful and we recommend you take a copy with you, also the 'child consent form for a rugby tour' should be filled out in cases where the parent is not travelling with the child.