Tour Leader Support

We are with you every step of the way
Below are just a few things that you will need in order to help us create your a fantastic and memorable sport tour

Getting the tour off the ground:


We can help if you need help getting the tour up and running...


  • Once you've chosen a destination and sorted the dates, we can provide posters for you to print and put in your clubhouse and ask people to sign up .
  • For junior tours, we can also provide a letter for player's parents and guardians giving details of the tour, outlining the itinerary, the benefits and state payment plans etc. if required.
  • We also have a fundraising pack to help raise money to go towards the tour – you can actually have great fun whilst earning money towards your tour. Just ask for a pack.
  • For long haul tours we can visit you with information and a power point presentation.



Permission to tour form (Rugby)

This document simply extends the existing insurance cover which automatically protects your players in England once they've registered with your club, to cover them overseas for their matches (or other 'home nations'). The document asks for details of the matches, the number of adults (& any children) playing. It needs to be signed by the club Chairman, President/Secretary and local constituent body.


Ideally it should be submitted to the RFU at least a month prior to your tour, however, last minute cases can be accepted.


The host union need to approve the matches too (we will contact them regarding this), but you're free to contact them also. You can tour outside of the English season (Sept-May) as it is the host union that approves the games.  (If you host a touring team here in the UK, you need to complete an 'Incoming Tour permission form'.


We at STO Travel Ltd. insist that separate rugby insurance is taken out just in case of any complications. You may purchase your own or take our cover which we provide cover at a very competitive rate (the rate many offer for basic travel insurance without rugby cover). In addition to rugby cover it covers non-rugby related activities, loss, theft, medical cover etc. If you purchase your own we require copies to ensure it covers rugby.



This is the website that you'll need for your relevant forms: Rugby Tours Forms


The link your will require  is the 'Outgoing application form for clubs' or 'Permission for schools to tour'.


Touring with children – the safeguarding guide is also very useful and we recommend you take a copy with you, also the 'child consent form for a rugby tour' should be filled out in cases where the parent is not travelling with the child.




Safety & Child Protection

We take you and your group's safety very seriously. We check each aspect of your tour and we listen to group's feedback acting on it wherever necessary.



All accommodation and transport suppliers we work with must hold valid licenses and insurance. They must comply with the regulations of the appropriate governing bodies and regulatory licensing authorities. For transport, drivers must adhere to driving hour regulations, maintain the vehicles appropriately and have emergency procedures in place. Hotels must adhere to food safety and fire regulations.

Excursions and activities

The suppliers we use have completed relevant safety checks which will vary based on the level of risk. We assess all the activities and excursions on our tours for your safety.



Risk assessments (Schools/universities)

Completing a risk assessment of your tour is an important to protect the health and safety of your tour members and will be required when getting the trip approved and signed off. The potential risks for every group are different, so we are unable to do your risk assessment for you, however we're always on-hand to offer assistance and give specific information relating to your booking.


We are also happy to provide any information that local education authorities and senior management often require to enable them to approve your trip.



24/7 assistance while you are on tour

During your travels you'll be issued with a mobile telephone number. If you have any queries or emergencies while on tour, we guarantee that an experienced member of staff will be on hand to help you 24 hours a day. Our staff are experienced and can respond to incidents and assist you with anything you may need.


This mobile number will be given to you with your travel pack/tickets prior to your departure.  In the unlikely event of any problems regarding transport, accommodation or any aspect of your tour, we will endeavor to resolve the issue as soon as possible, whatever the time of day (or night).



Financial security

We offer the highest level of financial protection. Our tours are ATOL bonded, which protects your group against unforeseen events. We have public liability insurance up to £XXXXX.


All tour members must hold adequate sport and travel insurance, which we can provide before your departure. We offer a very competitive deal, however, you may of course choose your own and provide us with a copy.



General Travel Notes

The foreign office gives advice on safety and security, terrorism, local laws & customs, entry requirements, health, natural disasters, travel advice, help and support for each country. We will give you details of documents required for travel, however, we recommend you read through the relevant country.