Warsaw rugby tour

Poland's capital city is situated in the centre of the country along the Vistula river.  The main tourist hub, the old town, which was completely rebuilt after WWII, lives next to modern sky scrapers and green spaces. For great nightlife visit the Vistula, Parkingowa Street or Nowogrodzka street.

The rugby clubs here are very welcoming and will look after you with great after match hospitality.

There are some great and unusual excursions that will leave you with long lasting memories of a fantastic tour and there's even a sandy beach area...yes, really....behind the national football stadium. Watch an amazing free fountain light and music show in the city centre, there are excursion options for all tastes.. if you like hard core excursions, try the 'shock' football – when things get 'tricky' you can give the player an electric shock!

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