Valencia rugby tour

Valencia, Spain's 3rd largest city, is a coastal city with great beaches. It's a fantastic resort for your tour with amazing nightlife - if you can keep up!  The locals have serious stamina, they like the small hours of the morning and beyond (they have a siesta to cope!) this means bars fill up late here and clubs continue til 7am.  The liveliest  district is Barrio del Carmen, in particular the 'Calle Caballeros' road and those leading off it.  When the weather is good there are lots of open air bars and discos.

Rugby is popular here and teams will give you a warm welcome and hospitality.

Make time to visit the old centre with its medieval buildings, narrow streets and Valencia Cathedral.  There are some great excursions on offer: We highly recommend the bullfighting excursion where you are a matador with a perkly little bull calf and the white water rafting is awesome too.

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