Toulon rugby tour

Toulon is a small coastal town 45 minutes East of Marseille on the coast, home to RC Toulonnaise a strong, national standard club.  Get the dates right and watch them at the Mayol rugby stadium as well as playing local teams here.  There are all different strengths available including very strong. 

You can do some training on the nearby Mourillon beaches or take a bus boat across the bay to the beach of Sablettes for the price of a single bus ticket. Another popular way to take in the sights is to take a cable car ride up to the top of Mont Faron.  There are a couple of nightclubs, lots of bars and why not pop into 'Biere de la Rade', a microbrewery to try out some local brews. Excursion wise the giant inflatable obstacle course on a lake is popular along with bubble football.

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