Rugby Tours in Dubai

Dubai is an incredible tour destination and a once in a lifetime experience.  Situated on the Persian gulf, you have an amazing climate, the city, the sea and the desert all within a stone's throw. 

Rugby is popular here with quite a few teams and a rugby 7's tournament on offer, you can be sure of a warm welcome and great hospitality.

Dubai is home to many of the world's biggest and best, for example a 'must do' during your visit here is a trip to the top of the Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building, or you may be interested in visiting the largest indoor theme park 'Ferrari World' home to the fastest roller coaster the 'Formula Rossa'.

There are cultural differences here and the minimum age for drinking alcohol is 21 - they will ask for proof. There are lots of bars and clubs which, are often connected to hotels due to licensing restrictions here.

You are truly spoiled for choice for activities to do in between your matches, visit the nearby desert for quad biking/sandboarding and camel riding, swim with dolphins, cool down in Atlantis - the largest water park in Dubai, visit the amazing Palm Jumeirah by monorail or just chill on the beach or enjoy water sports here. For full information and prices, please contact us.