Bordeaux rugby tour

Situated in the South West of France in the Aquitaine region, you can be sure of fantastic rugby fixtures with teams of all levels.  Aquitaine is THE main rugby area of France, there are over 400 clubs in this region alone and the Sunday match is the main event of the week in every town and village. 

Bordeaux is a port city situated on the river Garonne, however there is a great beach 'plage de Bordeaux lac' if you want to do beach sports or relax. There's great nightlife, about 10 nightclubs and countless bars, there are English pubs here too if you're missing them try 'The houses of parliament' an English pub open til 2am every day with live sports, live music, pub quizzes etc. you'll like the Grizzly pub too. 

You can choose to stay in Bordeaux centre (for great nightlife) or the quieter resort, out of town Bordeaux lac, approx. 3.5 miles from the centre may be an option for youth groups.  There are fantastic excursions here too, the giant inflatable obstacle course on water is a great activity in between matches and beers.

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